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Primo Wholesale Incense Dealer

At Primo Wholesale.com, we will offer only the finest stick incense from India in a variety of product lines, including Primo Incense and Garden Grog soil booster.

Purchase in bulk and save!

Primo Wholesale Incense is a member of the Primo family of quality products for the home, featuring gifts of incense, garden and much more.


L&O Evergreens - Holiday Wreath Sales & Fundraisers

L&O Evergreens Inc., DBA: Turnbull Evergreens, Inc. is a wholesale evergreen wreath company. We specialize in fresh holiday evergreen decorations for fundraising projects. You buy Christmas wreaths wholesale from us, and can then resell them at your own price, at up to 100% markup.

If you are looking for great Christmas holiday fundraising ideas, you have come to the right place! We have set up a Christmas Wreath fundraising program that is very easy!

Whether you are big or small you will find our holiday fundraising system to be easy to manage and very profitable. Our friendly staff is always available to answer your questions and give you whatever help you need.