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Enso Art Glass - Fused Glass Artwork

Fused Art Glass Plates and Wall Art from Enso Art Glass LLC
ENSO Art Glass LLC, is a premier Glass Fusion Art Studio located in the town of Shelton on Washington’s Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. ENSO specializes in handmade kiln formed art glass by Kirk Casey.

Kirk’s fused art glass is melded in an electric fired kiln involving heating an assemblage of compatible glass to 1500 F until it fuses together. Glass has many attributes in addition to shape/texture including being transparent, translucent and opaque.

Enso Art Glass is currently creating fused glass tableware and wall art, which can be beautiful on your table or wall in your home or office.

Kirk often takes the prope... Read More


NS Austin, Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

NS Austin, more commonly known as Nancy, has published two novels: Critically Endangered and Beyond the Great Dying, Books 1 & 2 of the Endangered Series. Soldier, Hero, Thief, a thriller, will be published in May 2018.

Nancy’s novels are a combination of rich character development juxtaposed against extraordinary circumstances. Those extraordinary circumstances may include the end of the world, aliens, talking dogs, and buried treasure, and reflect the author’s love of all things a tiny bit odd.


Oxford Seymour - Shakespeare's Will

Oxford-Seymour Theory is the first complete conception of Shakespeare’s language and rhetoric,
and the first to explain his choice of words...
With it, we unlock the mysteries of his life.
We discover his Enduring Corpus as the Last Will and Testament of the Wisest Man who Never was.

Shakespeare: The Method in his Madness by Michael and Spencer Stepniewski

The issue facing a reader new to Shakespeare is whether his great works are to be approached as open texts. Did Shakespeare write to entertain, perhaps to make a living, to release a store of beauty that was overflowing his mind? Or did 'our beloved, The AUTHOR' have a more specific purpose? Did he mean to communicate informatio... Read More


Pacific Northwest Searchable History

A searchable history of the Pacific Northwest, from Indian times to present day.

Computers have changed the way we look at history. The study of our past has always been constricted by the space available to present it. The person, topic, or event being studied was confined by the physical limits of books. This constricting of the past is even greater in a history book dedicated to a very broad subject. Each topic must be compressed to fit the space available. These restrictions are no longer necessary with the advent of computers and the internet.

Search our vast index of historical documents about the history of the Pacific Northwest.


Bellydancing By Zaphara

Belly Dance Classes and outstanding entertainment for your special event!
Hire a belly dancer for your birthday, anniversary, retirement, wedding and other special events. A master instructor & entertainer in the Pacific Northwest, Zaphara is one of the few belly dancers in the US of Greek heritage. She has appeared in night clubs and taught workshops throughout the Northwest and other US cities. Offering belly dance classes in Fremont, Seattle.


Scarlett's Fairy Garden - Home of Fairy Houses, Fairy Wings, Princess Wear and more

This is the place to find delicious delicacies for princesses and fairies!

Check out our all-new, Fairy Garden Store!

Shop online now, choose from nearly 300 items; Fairy Houses, Fairy Dolls, Mermaid Dolls, Princess Hats, Clay Mushrooms, Miniature Wind Chimes, Exotic Clothing, Dresses, Harem Pants, Belly Dance Scarves, Festival Wear, Flower Crowns, Light Up Hair Wreaths, Miniature Fairy Lanterns, Fairy Dust with Miniature Wands.

I also sell my things at local Craft Fairs, Markets and Bazaars in Western Washington.

Check out the Upcoming Events page to see where I will be next!

TideFest Fine Arts & Crafts Celebration

Gig Harbor High School’s annual TideFest brings in artists and high-quality artisans from all over the Northwest. The festival raises money for the school’s activities and athletics programs, including the Speech and Debate team and the school newspaper.

Tidefest is held in the first weekend of December, at Gig Harbor High School.


Chase Audio Visual Productions - Event Management

Chase Productions is an audio-visual and event management Company located in the Seattle - Tacoma area providing unique planning services, quality AV equipment and professional technician support. With 20 years of industry experience serving clients within the Pacific Northwest and nationwide, our approach is understanding of client needs.

If you're hosting an event in Seattle or Tacoma, that requires detailed planning, diligent budget management and experienced professionals, Chase Productions is the perfect choice for guiding you through this endeavor. Whether you are looking to rent quality equipment such as projectors, screens and wireless microphones, or desire full-scale production ... Read More