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PowerPac Spoilers

Aftermarket airplane spoilers from Spoilers Inc. are available for a wide variety of pressurized general aviation piston airplanes. More than 63 aircraft models are currently approved, including Beechcraft Baron and Beech Duke, Piper Aerostar and Malibu Mirage, and the Cessna 300 and 400 series aircraft.


Turboplus - Intercoolers for Small Aircraft

Turboplus manufactures quality general aviation aftermarket small aircraft intercooler kits, high altitude pressurized magneto systems and Continental engine horsepower upgrades.

Turboplus holds 19 Supplemental Type Certificates that permit installation of their FAA/PMA approved designs on 77 single and twin engine turbocharged airplane models.

Turboplus Inc. was the first company to introduce aftermarket “intercooler” systems for general aviation small airplane owners. Turboplus was required to perform extensive FAA flight tests prior to receiving intercooler PMA approval.