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Develop Your Intuition - With Gail Ferguson

Ms. Ferguson specializes in working with individuals, corporations and groups who need to be stable yet innovative, self-sustaining yet cooperative. Her objective is to teach participants in her workshops and classes how to use intuition intelligently, and also skillfully, in real-life situations.

An intuitive consultant, educator and popular public speaker, Gail Ferguson offers: private intuitive consultations; one-on-one intuition training; a wide range of intuition workshops and in-service programs for small businesses, large corporations, health-care services, church and community service groups, and more. As keynote speaker, Gail makes corporate seminars and group events memorable oc... Read More


Interdimensional Dynamics - Hill Eshbach - Life Coach and Intuitive Healer

My name is Hill Eshbach and I am a life coach and an intuitive healer. I help people achieve new goals, improve their relationships, feel better about themselves, make the changes they want, and live more joyful and rewarding lives.

Visit my website to find out more about how I can help you make changes in your life.